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Are you an Anime lover? Want to watch all the shows at a single place? Couldn’t find a source that fits all your requirements? Don’t worry. We have bought you an awesome app that would solve all your problems at once. For this you just have to read the article completely.


Sometimes you might have found an app that can provide you anime shows but might not be safe and could be full of bugs and others may not have all the shows that you want to watch. This app would be solving all such problems. But the thing is that you wont be finding this app directly on the Google Play Store. You must know how to download and install this app to watch your favorite shows.

AnimeFLV Access

You might have downloaded a number of apps on your smart phone that would let you watch all types of anime shows and movies. Most of those could be your favorite and you might have missed watching on the Television or you might not have the time to complete them. Well, in that case we must say you that you are at the right place. We have bought you an apk app that can allow you watch any number of anime shows as long you want. The app is none other than the AnimeFLV. This simple app is capable of providing all the shows at a single place.


Most of you might know about this app before. But due to the presence a lot number of apps on the same name which may not be accurate, you might have experienced many problems which using them. Let me tell you a thing, the apps that you have downloaded before might not be properly built and there may be bugs that have to be fixed. This makes it more prone to crashing while you use the app for sometime. Some apps might not have all the shows that you want to watch. AnimeFLV stands before all such problems and you can feel free and safe to download the app. Let us get started then without wasting any time.

What do I require to download the app?

Before going for the download and the installation process, we will learn the important requirements to download the apk app.

  • Firstly you will need to change a few settings on your mobile device. To do so, go to the settings and then to the sub sections of privacy and security. There you will find the unknown devices option. ON it to enable the files from unknown sources.
  • Also you will need an active internet connection that would help you to stream online. You can use either the cellular mobile data or any of the Wi-Fi connections, depending on your availability. Make sure that the connection is fast and secure and no interruptions.
  • Finally you will also need a browsing app to download the apk file. You can choose to download Google chrome, Safari, opera mini, UC browser etc., or any other local browsers in this case. Make sure that the browser is free from virus and is actively running.

As we have learnt the requirements, we can now proceed with the downloading and the installation process. Lets quickly jump into the downloading process.

How do I download the apk file?

To download the apk file, you just have to follow the instructions mentioned below. Make sure you are not missing any of the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, switch On the cellular data or the Wi-Fi on your device. Now go the browser that is available on your device. Now in the search tab, type in the URL of the file you want to download. You can directly search by the name of the apk file also.
  • You can indeed use the link provided by us to do so. Make sure your device isn’t have any viruses.
  • Clicking on the given link would take you to a new tab.
  • Now you will find a button saying download option. Clicking on it will start the downloading of the apk file.
  • It may take a few minutes to completely download the apk file. Do not interrupt in between the downloading process.

How do I install the downloaded file?

  • Firstly find the location of the downloaded file on your device. You can easily find it in the notification area. You will be notified once the download completes.
  • You can directly tap on it and you will be displayed with a new page. You can either choose to install or cancel.
  • Click on install and then you will have to wait for a few seconds to complete. Once the installation completes you may start using the app.
  • The app icon will be displayed on your mobile screen.

In this way you can any time download and install the apk app if you are supplied with all the requirements.


Though the app comes with unlimited features, you may still experience some drawbacks while using the app.

  • Since it is an apk app, downloading such apps may bot work properly on all type of devices.
  • During the downloading process, you may unknowingly allow some virus to enter your mobile.
  • Also the app apk may not work properly due to the presence of some bugs.
  • Also it is illegal to download and install an unauthorized app.


AnimeFLV is one of the leading app in the field of animation. Using this app you can any time watch any type of anime shows on your mobile itself. This app ensures the freedom to watch shows on your mobile without any premium purchases. Once you download and install the app, you can stream online or offline. You can download the videos to watch later when you are offline. Thus the app comes with all the cool features that might be missing in any other app. You will find less number of bugs and the app stays longer without crashing. Stay tuned to our for more latest ap and mods updates !!!

Hope this article is quite useful for all of you. Thank you!


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