Happy Chick APK Download (55.5Mb) for Android, iOS, PC Windows & Smart TV

happy chick

Happy Chick APK

Happy Chick is the best option available to play and relieve your favorite games from other platforms directly on your Android. This application makes the users easier to find games, adapt the screen, and play with the onscreen controls. You can also play with any controller by connecting it via Bluetooth. The best thing about the app is, the game’s controls will appear on-screen, to make the gaming experience even more realistic. If you want your old favorite games, happy chick app helps you to revisit your favorite games on your laptop, tablet or any other device. You’ll be able to play games once again for different consoles and arcade machines.

happy chick

About Happy Chick APK

  • Happy Chick APK is one of the best APK to play and relieve your favorite games.
  • Mobile users can directly play their favorite games without downloading the game file from the external source. This advantage is only for Android users.
  • This supports 18 consoles and emulators in its single application.
  • The advanced features present in the Happy Chicks makes the application more popular.
  • To download new console games, just open the happy Chick app and click on install to start playing advanced console games like FIFA and GTA on your devices.


In order to download the Happy Chick App on your device, you must have the following requirements and they are:

  • You must have a device to play the games such as Android, PC or tablet.
  • Your device must have a good internet connection in it.
  • For Android users, you must accept the installation of Apps from unknown resources.

Emulator Happy Chick APK File Information

App NameHappy Chick APK
File Size56.50MB
Latest Versionv1.7.9
Android VersionAndroid v5.1 and above
DeveloperHappy Chick Team
Last Updated16 Hours Ago
Total Downloads20M+

Download Happy Chick APK

For Android

Here are the steps to download the Happy Chick APK on your Android device:

  • Initially, you have to open the web browser on your device and then go to the official website of Happy Chick or download directly from below link
  • As soon as you click on the download button the apk download begins on your smartphone as shown in the below image
  • Next, you have to click on the download apk from the notification or directly from the downloads folder according to your convenience
  • As Soon as you click on the apk file android asks you whether you want to install this application on your smartphone or not ? just click on the install button like below
  • The, you can notice that your file i.e happy chick emulator apk starts installing on your mobile
  • The app will install automatically if you’ve already installed APK files before. If you are installing APK for the first time, you may receive ‘Installation blocked’ or ‘Unable to install’ error.
  • Then you have to go to your Android Settings.
  • In device Settings, you have to go to the security settings there search for the option ‘Allow installations from unknown sources’. Once the option is found enable it. Now you can install APK files on your device without any errors.
  • Now, click on the downloaded APK file and setup Happy Chick.
  • This completes the installation of APK on your Android device.
  • You can even share the latest version of happy chick through shareit now !!!

For iOS

Steps to download the APK on iOS:

Here are the steps to download the Happy Chick APK on your iOS:

  • To download the APK on your iOS, you have to open the safari. Only Safari can download the  APK on your device, no other browser can install it on your device.
  • Click on the ‘safari’ icon to start the download. Open the file when the download finishes. To install on Mac OS, download Cydia impactor and sideload the IPA file on your Mac device.
  • The App runs on both Jailbroken and Non-Jail broken devices, so download accordingly. The installing methods for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are the same but are different for Jailbroken and Non-Jail broken devices.
  • After downloading, click on the file to start installation directly from ss.xiaoji.001.com server.
  • Here we are installing the APK for jail free device. Click on install, the permission popup, and  will be installed on your iPhone smoothly. You don’t need any extra permission to install our app on your mobile.
  • Connect to the internet to open the homepage and start downloading.
  • Once the download is completed, tap on the APK to install it.
  • This completes the installation of jail free  APK on your iOS device.

For Windows PC

Steps to download the  APK on PC:

Here are the steps to download the  APK on your PC:

  • Go to below button and now download the exe file.
  • Double click on the downloaded exe file.
  • Click ‘Accept’ for terms and conditions. The app will be installed and an icon will be present on your desktop.
  • To use the APP open directly from the desktop.

For Smart TV

Steps to download the Happy Chick APK on SMart Tv

  • Open the Browser on your smart tv
  • type https://apkstark.com/ in the search bar on your smart tv
  • you find a post of happy chick in apkstark.com website
  • Then click on the below button to directly download happy chick apk to your smart tv
  • Now, along with happy chick get unlimited entertainment with live nettv on you smart devices all the way !!!

Features of Happy Chick

  • The best feature of the App is, it is compatible with both analog controllers and gamepads.
  • You can browse the games by checking the category, ranking or based on the user’s reviews.
  • You can also have the categories like emulators and platforms you can choose whatever you want to install the add-ons on
  • You can also have many featured like best, new and hot app tabs so that you can choose your favorite ones. and you can even search your favorite apps by a single tap on the search bar in the app
  • This APK has a direct download from the application itself.
  • It was capable of emulating games for video consoles such as PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, PSP, Gameboy, Mega Drive, and Super NES.
  • This application helps you to check for which platform the game is available.
  • You can check the downloaded history and make backups for your downloaded games.

Alternatives of Happy Chick APK

Here are some of the Apps which are similar to APK:

  • RetroArch: RetroArch is a modular multi-system emulator system that is designed to be fast, lightweight, and portable. It has features lacking in some emulators frontends, such as real-time rewinding and game-aware shading.
  • EPSXe: EPSXe (enhanced PSX emulator) is an emulator of the PlayStation video game console for x86-based PC hardware. EPSXe makes use of a plugin system to emulate GPU, SPU, and CD drive functions, similar to the model first introduced in PSEmu Pro.
  • Project64: Project64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator for the Windows platform. It employs a plugin system that allows 3rd party developers to implement their own software. It is an emulator, meaning that the user has the option to run ROM files that can be extracted from a Nintendo 64 game cartridge.

What Actually is Happy Chick APK ?

Happy Chick is a game emulator for Android, iOS, Smart TVs and Windows. Happy Chick emulates more than 18 systems all in one APP, some of the included emulators are FAB/MAME/MAMEPLUS,PS,PSP,FC(NES),SFC(SNEC),GBA,GBC,MD,NDS,DC,NGP,WS(WSC),PCE, ONS…etc.

Is Happy Chick APK legal ?

Yes, this is legal and genuine !!! Happy Chick is compatible and available in almost all the operating systems so you can download and install Happy Chick for Android, iOS devices and soon for windows as well.

What are top features make HappyChick Unique ?

Simple to use. 
Free forever.
No Jailbreak needed.
Works on all iOS devices on iOS 10 and above.

Is HappyChick safe for iOS ?

Its perfectly safe, ive downloaded 30 or so games from it they all work. One word of advice if you download games and save your progress, dont use smart manager to clean your phone. It will delete all saved games.


Happy Chick is the best application present in the market to download the games. This APK is compatible for any device and you can even back up the downloaded game. So, download the APK and enjoy unlimited games from our apkstark.com


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