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MX Player APK

Want to experience a new way of streaming your videos? Searching for some cool stuff on your same smart phone? Trying to add subtitles while watching some of your favourite movies? But couldn’t make it to do so? No worries. We are here to bring all the answers to such questions. Like always we are here to help you up with this app called MX Player. So you know this? Okay! Most of you might know about this cool video streaming app. This app is an additional or could be your permanent video player once you come to know about the great features of this Application.

mx player

Generally this app is designed to support any kind of android smart phones to help the user to stream their videos with much more high quality. You can go through any of your videos that are available in your device or the memory / SD card using this video player. Since it has an easy to use interface, one can easily use the app without any prior experience. The features of this app makes it much easier to play smoothly and has won many users hearts. This app suits best for all your android devices making your videos stream in a new way to experience.

More about MX Player APK

MX Player is today is running as an OTT app all over the country. The app was indeed developed by a South Korean based company called J2 Interactive. The company made the app such that it supports all type of subtitles along with some good streaming capabilities. The app also supports good offline video streaming and has advanced features of hardware acceleration. It is then in the year 2019, on 20th of the February month, the Times Group of India brought the app from the developer and made it up to the OTT platform. The app today works for playing some cool videos online too. The company has brought the app for around $140 million and later relaunched the app in India. But other than India, the app still works as an offline video player app that allows good play back options.

MX Player APK

Today one can enjoy every other type of daily shows of different Indian channels, original web series and many more videos on this app. One can even download the videos to watch them later under offline feature. This makes the app for the users to opt among some other similar apps.

Features of MX Player

The app has so many awesome features that helps users to experience better every day, at any time they wish for. The important features are mentioned below.

  • MX Player is a full time powerful video player that comes with great hardware acceleration and the subtitle support.
  • The hardware acceleration of this app can be applied to more number of videos with HW+ decoder.
  • MX Player has an additional feature of being a multi-core decoder. Also the test result found that a mobile device with multi-core decoding performs much better than 70% to that of the single-core decoding.
  • MX Player video playing screen lets the user experience the video playing with ease. One can pinch to zoom in or out, also wiping across the screen. Zoom and pan are also available in the options too.
  • The subtitle gestures lets every one of us to play with the text. One can scroll forward or backward to make the previous or the next text to appear. Can move it up or down by scrolling. Also can zoom in or out increase the text size.
  • The app also comes with a kids lock features. One can let their children use the app without even worrying about misusing other apps or calling unknowingly.
  • The offline downloading features lets the user to watch their favourite videos later by downloading them before.
  • One can also play your favourite songs online by using the music player present. You can find all the latest songs that are available on Gaana, since the music plyer is powered by Gaana.

Learn how to download the app:

One can easily download the MX Plyer just by following the simple steps mentioned below.

  • Before going to the process of installing the ShowBox App, make sure that your device has an active internet access.
  • Now after getting access to the internet, go to Google Play Store on your Android Device or App Store if it’s an iOS device.
  • Now in the search window, search for ShowBox App.
  • The sooner you find it, click on Install.
  • After the App gets installed on your Device, you can directly open the App without enabling any permissions.

Why MX Player Apk?

You might be wondering if the simple app could provide you all cool video streaming features then why to opt for the Apk?

We are here to answer you this for your convenience. The actual official is a pack of videos that stream online along with the mixture of many ads. These Advertisements may ruin your video streaming experience. This annoys the users to use the app that has provided officially. Hence opting for the Apk makes it easier to play videos without any presence of ads.

Downloading the APK file:

Downloading the Apk of MX Player isn’t that hard. Just need to follow few steps to do it as soon as possible.

  • Just before downloading the Apk File, make sure that settings are properly enabled in order to allow the files from unknown sources. This makes it easy to download the Apk with ease.
  • Now make sure that your device has active internet connection.
  • Moving to any one of the Browser that you have on your device, search for the Apk file of ShowBox Apk.
  • After finding any relevant mirror link in the web browser, click on the download option to download it.
  • After downloading the Apk File of MX Player without any interruptions, search for the file in your file manager.
  • After finding it in your memory cache, open the file.
  • Now click on the Install option to start installing the App.

That’s it. We are all set to start using the Apk. Since the App has User-Friendly Interface you can easily get used to it. Now you can experience better video quality by using the MX Player.

Pros of using the MX Player:

Keeping this player on your mobile may help you experience your video streaming in a better way.

  • You can anytime play back your videos without any interruption.
  • You can see all the cool videos with great subtitles addition.
  • Now zooming and pan features are available on MX Player.

Cons of using MX Player:

Though the app has many more cool features that acts as the advantages to use the app. But it has many more cons of using the app on your mobile.

  • Using the Apk on you mobile may allow the transfer of malware into your mobile device.
  • Since the Apk is a third party app, it may have some bugs to be fixed. This doesn’t let the app to work smoothly.
  • The ads displayed at prescribed intervals while using the official app may annoy you.


This is all about the MX player apk, kindly stay tuned to our for more future updates and APK updates hereby 🙂

Hope this information is very useful for you people. Thank you!


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