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Player Unknown Battle Grounds which is shortly called as PUBG is the worldwide sensation game since it has released. The Application can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. In this application, there will be many maps, you can select any map, but the default map is Erangel. In the game, there will be 100 players parachute to map to their selected area.

The player has to search for the weapons and the equipment to kill the opposite players by avoiding them being killed by someone. As the time increases the safe area will get decreased. At the end all the players will encounter into a small area. Once you won the match you will get ‘chicken dinner’. The maximum time of the game is 30 mins; it depends on your survival time. The game is not only about the ‘chicken dinner’, it is about the number of kills, survival time and etc.

About PUBG Apk:

pubg apk
  • PUBG is derived from Player Unknown Battle Grounds.
  • This application is developed and published by a subsidiary of South Korean video game Bluehole.
  • Creator of the PUBG game is Brendan Greene 
  • This PUBG was first released on March 2017 for the Microsoft windows users. The full release of the game was released on December 2017.
  • PUBG is the most famous game and it also received many ‘Game of the year’ nominations.

PUBG Gameplay guide:

If you are playing the game for the first time, here is the guide you have to follow:

  • Open the PUBG mobile on your device; there on the left top, you have to select the map of your choice. The default map is ‘Erangel’. Below the map you will find the number of player modes, you can select single, dup or squad. The team members are helpful to support you and can revive you. Select the map and player mode and then press ‘ok’.
  • Then start the game, totally 100 players will be parachuting onto the game island. Select the area you want to land and then jump from the plane. On landing you have to collect weapons and the equipment such as medical supplies, helmet, bag etc.
  • You have to kill the opposite player by saving yourself. As the time goes, the safe area will be decreased, you have to be on the safe area.
  • As the area decreases, the players who are alive will be closer as the area decreases. The players who are outside the zone they will get damaged eventually and finally they will die.
  • At the end all the players will be in a small area, the person who is alive till the end will win the watch. The maximum time of the game is about 30 mins, it depends on your alive time. If you won the get you will get “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.

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PUBG download and install guide:

Here are the steps to download the PUBG on your device:


  • You must have a device such as Android and PC.
  • Your device must have good internet connection running in it.

Download guide for Android device:

Here are the steps to download the PUBG on your Android device:

  • Initially, you have to connect internet to your device and then open the Google play store on your device.
  • On the play store search for the PUBG mobile in the search bar or navigate it.
  • Once you find the app, click on the install button.
  • Then the app will get downloaded, it takes more time to download the application on your device wait for it.
  • Once the app is downloaded, it will get installed.
  • This completes the installation of PUBG mobile on the Android device.

Requirements for PC:

  • Dual core CPU with 1.4ghz at least
  • Should have 3 GB of Ram
  • Graphics capable of supporting OpenGL 2.0 or DXD11
  • Minimum GPU Requirement is Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • This emulator Works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10. 32 and 64 Bit architecture.

Download guide for PC:

Here are the steps to download the PUBG on your PC:

  • To download the PUBG on your device, initially you have to download bluestacks.
  • Download the bluestacks on your PC. Once you have downloaded it, then you can download the PUBG directly.
  • Go to the bluestacks and then search for the PUBG app. Once you find it, click on the download button.
  • This will download the app on your PC.
  • Once the app is downloaded, you have to install it.
  • This completes the installation of PUBG application on your PC. Now you can enjoy the features and the graphics of the game.

Tips to play PUBG:

Here are the things you need to know while playing the PUBG, they are:

  • You can customize the settings of your layout buttons by changing the size and position of the button. You can also save multiple layout presets. Choose the layout according to your convenience for the best game.
  • You can mark your desired location on the map, and then you will find the dotted line from your current location to the desired location along with the distance on the map.
  • You can automatically pick the weapons or things in the mobile version. The best thing is that it eliminates hassle, especially early on in a game when you’re scrambling for supplies.
  • Whenever the enemy is near you, you can hear the footprints sound on your headsets, you can also see red mark on the amp when the person is near you or a bullet is hit to you.
  • When you hold your thumb on the forward running a icon will be pop-up. Slide your thumb over the running icon and you will he locked into the sprinting mode.
  • You can grab and hold the camera/eye icon below your map and drag it around to free look without changing the direction you’re running towards. This is a good tip to help check your horizons for opposing players while making yourself a hard target to hit.
  • Players of the PUBG will get game currency known as BP at the end of the every match; with this the player can get the crate where you will get the cosmetics. Daily login to the PUBG and the time they spend on the game will get extra rewards to the players


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