Spotify Premium APK Download [27.2Mb] Latest Version 2020


Spotify Premium APK

Music is a way of life. Do you feel the same? Wherever we go, whatever we do we do it by listening to music. Isn’t it? But finding the so called perfect platform to listen music is a big deal these days. We have various Apps that provides great music to every one of us. Also finding the best among them is a difficult task. So here we are to make it easy for you.

Music ultimately gives us peace, ease from all our stress. Every one of us loves music. Also if you love music, you might have tried all the possible apps for the best quality music. Well, you must have gone through Spotify too.

spotify premium apk

Spotify premium APK Download – Music for Everyone.

Spotify is an online streaming music app which allows its users to listen go great music. Not just music, it also provides great podcasts along with online streaming videos too. Since app provides music only under internet, we could not listen to the music offline. But you can indeed go to the Premium Subscription where the user has to pay to experience great features.

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Spotify Premium APK Download

Also opting for those premium packs is a bit costlier process. At the same time, the app isn’t available in some countries like US, Australia etc. To overcome all these problems, the best solutions to go for the Spotify Premium Apk. Ultimately the Apk version of the App allows the user to stream without any ads, experience best music offline too. In addition to these there are many interesting features.

So, what are you waiting for? Read the complete article to know everything about Spotify. From understanding the difference between the official app and Spotify Premium Apk to the pros and cons of using the Apk, you will find everything here.

Why Spotify premium Apk over Official App?

Though owning the Premium App lets you use all the features, the packs may be a bit costlier. So, to make it free of cost choosing the Spotify Premium Apk is a good replacement. The Apk version enables all the features at free of cost. You can enjoy all the features using this Apk version of the Spotify.

The main differences between the Official Spotify App and the Spotify Premium Apk are mainly the features. All those features are mentioned below in detail.

  • The downloading option. Generally the official app doesn’t let you download the songs where as in the Apk you can make possible to download any number of songs.
  • You cannot listen to the same song in the official app. But the premium lets you shuffle and repeat modes.
  • You can enjoy ad-free music using the premium app.
  • You can also opt for listening your favourite songs or podcasts even when you are offline.
  • The great sound quality of the premium keeps you mesmerized.

In addition to these great features you can also experience many more while using the App.

So, can’t wait anymore to use the app, and listen to some great pops? Here you go, learn how to quickly download the App.

How to Download Spotify Premium APK ?

Meanwhile you can also go for the official App and can buy any premium pack to enjoy its cool features. Follow the steps mentioned below to do so.

Downloading the Official Spotify App:

  • Depending on your device type, go to the Google Play Store on your Android or App Store on your iOS.
  • Now in the search bar, go search for the Spotify app.
  • Sooner you find it out, click on the install option.
  • Make sure that you are having active internet in order avoid any interruptions during the download of the App or while using the App.

You can anytime check the packs of Premium to upgrade the official App. You can know about the packs by following the link mentioned below.

Want to save your money? Don’t want to go the costlier process? We do have a solution for this. You can opt using the Spotify Official Apk to make it free to use all the cool and interesting features of Spotify. We will help you download the Spotify Premium App in few steps.

Spotify Premium Apk Download Steps:

Follow the simple steps to simply download the Spotify Premium Apk. But before going to the downloading process one has to make all the settings to go for the downloading option. The one important setting that has to make is mentioned below.

  • To allow the files from unknown sources, one has to make relevant setting in their devices. Do it by following the procedure mentioned below.
  • To do so, go to settings in your device.
  • Now go to the security settings.
  • In the security settings, enable unknown sources.

Thus you can enable the downloading of files from unknown sources. Now you can go through the downloading and installation process.

  • After going through the settings and enabling the files to enter from unknown devices, go to any browser on your device.
  • Make sure that you are connected to active internet in order to get access to the web portals on your browser.
  • In the search bar of your browser, search for the Spotify premium Apk.
  • You can also get it by clicking on the link provided by us.
  • Click on the download option and wait till it gets downloaded.
  • After downloading the file, you can find the file in your device’s memory.
  • Now click to install the Apk version of the Spotify.
  • Now you have to install the Premium Apk Spotify.
  • After installing the Premium Apk, you have to register your account related to Spotify. You can also directly Login through your account, if you have one already.

And finally you are done with the download process of Spotify Premium Apk. You are good to go anywhere with the music on.

Features of Spotify Premium.

The Apk comes with almost similar features to that of the Premium App of Spotify Official. There are still some more features too. Let us discuss about them below.

Ad-free music:

You can stream through your favourite playlists, albums and podcasts without interruption. Finally will never be annoyed by the ads while listening to the music.

Offline Enjoyment:

You can enjoy your playlists at anytime, anywhere even without having the access to internet. You can download your chillax songs and can listen to them when you are offline.

Play everywhere:

The premium Apk of Spotify lets you play and listen the songs everywhere. You can play the music on any of your devices. On your speakers, TV, Play Station and on all your favourite devices.

Unlock Shuffle, Seek and Repeat:

Want to listen to your favourites again and again? This is only possible on the Apk of Premium Version. You can also shuffle through your playlist.

Create your own Playlists:

You can create your own Playlists with your favourite songs. You indeed can share it with your friends too. Isn’t this feature cool!?

Audio Quality:

You can set your desired Quality to play your music. You can set it to Moderate, High and Extreme.

How to overcome the Restriction of using Spotify Apk?

In many countries like US, Australia and many Asian countries. The usage of the Spotify Premium Apk is restricted. In order to use the App in those countries, one has to install any VPN App to overcome the restrictions.

You can download the App anytime just by going through the Google Play Store or Apk Store. There are many VPN Apps you can download one by going through the rating or of your choice. Make sure that it works well.

Pros of using Spotify Premium Apk

  • One can go through all the listened songs at any time, any number of times, anywhere even when you re offline.
  • Offers best quality of music, with great streaming experience.

Cons of using Spotify Premium Apk

  • Make sure that you take enough measures before using the Apk, since it is a third party App.
  • Sometimes you have to upgrade to Premium even while using the Premium Apk.

Concluding Words

Spotify online free music, podcast playing App is a great platform explore your favourite music without interruptions. But upgrading to premium is a costly process. To make it to use for free, one has to go for the downloading of the Apk version to enjoy its cool features foe free of cost without paying any money.


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